Some people may struggle with selling their old cars to different people since they don’t know how to approach the process. Depending on the condition of your junk SUV, you should look into various options to find the perfect fit for you. Because of this, we have some excellent approaches for you to consider so you can get rid of your SUV and make money.

Sell It Online

This may seem stereotypical or lame, but selling your car online can make the process easy for you. You can find plenty of websites that will allow you to sell products to people in your area including cars. Because of this, you can easily list your car on the website and find someone interested in buying it.

Keep in mind that you need to know the condition of your car. When you list it online, you should mention any problems it has, provide pictures, and be willing to haggle the price with others. Make sure that you provide as much information as possible and be honest with your car so you don’t end up with an angry buyer on your door.

Find a Used Car Seller

If you don’t know the condition of your car, but it still runs, then you can get in contact with used car sellers in your area. See if any local dealerships purchase used cars and give them a call. Explain the situation and find a time to bring your SUV to the shop so they can look at it.

From here, you can easily visit the dealership and see what they will offer you for your car. For example, if you live in Houston, then you should look for the closest dealerships and visit one with excellent reviews. This way, you can avoid getting ripped off during the process.

Sell Junk Cars for Cash

If your SUV is unusable or a complete mess, then you can still sell it for cash. Some businesses will purchase broken down and junk cars to remove good parts for later use. Because of this, you can easily cash SUVs in Houston by finding a business that will purchase junk cars from you.

By looking at businesses that cash SUVs in Houston, you can find one locally and even have them come to your house to pick up the car. This way, you can reduce the hassle for yourself, save some time and make money during the process. With these points in mind, this approach might be the best option for your situation.


Finding a place to sell your old SUV can be difficult, but you can always find someone to buy it from you. As long as you remain honest in the process when it comes to the condition of the car, you can find someone that will want it. Make sure to look into different options so you can sell your junk SUV and make some money from it.

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