How do you sell a car in Texas? It takes some work, but you could get more money than you would if you traded it in. It’s time for you and that old car to part company. But what should you do? Should you sell it yourself or trade it in?

To sell a car in Texas yourself takes some effort and research. But you could get a better return than you would if you used it as a trade.

These suggestions will help.

Get Everything In Order

Before you put the car on the market, make sure all your paperwork and documentation are in order.

  • Set the price. Kelly’s Blue Book is a good place to see how much your car is worth. It’s the same publication dealers use to establish their prices. But like the dealers, be prepared to negotiate.
  • To sell a car in Texas, it will have to pass a state safety inspection. The buyer might also want it inspected by the mechanic of their choice. The buyer should pay for this.
  • Organize your repair and maintenance documents so they’re easy for a potential buyer to look through. Texas law doesn’t require this, but many buyers expect it. Also, contact Carmax for a vehicle history report.

Ready For Buyers

With all the documentation completed, it’s time to get the car ready for buyers.

Make sure it’s spotlessly clean. Wash, vacuum, and get all the stains off the upholstery. And repair any small issues like a cracked window or loose screw.

When the car’s ready to meet potential buyers, advertise on social media, Craig’s List, and in the newspaper classifieds. Your ads should include all the important information, like make, model, and condition. Don’t forget your contact information!

Also, put a For Sale sign in the back window of the car.

The Final Details

Fill out the odometer reading on the title and sign and date it. If you have a car loan, you’ll have to pay off the balance and have the lien holder sign the title, too.

In Texas, the buyer will need to apply for a new title, which serves as a bill of sale. You’ll have to sign it.

Take off the plates and registration sticker. File a motor vehicle transfer notification with the state, and you’re done.

Junk Cars: A Faster Option

The fastest option is to sell your car to a dealer who sells junk cars in Texas. For instance, I Buy Vehicles buys cars in any condition, pays cash, and will pick the car up from you and handle the entire process. Reach out today!