You just got a repair estimate from the local garage for your car that has been reliable for the last ten years, Betty. Betty has been your old faithful and means of transportation forever. It also happens to be the location of your first kiss. The thought of a potential breakup has you disappointed, but you have come to the point where she needs too many fixes to keep, and you need to decide what to do, pronto.

Sell It

Your first question will probably be, “where can I sell my vehicle fast?” From chain locations like Carmax and Autotrader to posting an ad on Craig’s list, there are lots of options. You’ll have to move quickly since the value used cars depreciate fast. It’s best to get offers from multiple sources to compare what is best for you. A better option is to have I Buy Vehicles can take it off your hands! They give top dollar for used cars.

Fix it

Depending on your financial situation, you may opt to bite the bullet and fix your car. You can ask your mechanic what the most pressing issues are to fix right now. It’s a good idea to shop around, and do not always take the first quote you are given. This tactic will buy you some more time to search for another car before another significant repair is needed. You will get top dollar for used cars by putting some extra money towards your repairs.

Research Your Upgrades

You can buy new, lease, or buy another used vehicle. Before you make an impulsive decision, research all of your options. New cars can depreciate at a whopping 60% over five years, but there is great peace of mind knowing that your car should not give you problems for a while. If you go the used car route, ensure that you get a certified car. A lease option is great to ensure that any maintenance issues will be handled by the dealership. Be careful of hidden fees, and do not be afraid to walk out if you don’t like the deal. Just make sure to have good shoes so you can make a quick escape!

The car buying process can be hectic without a plan. Plan ahead and write down the pros and cons of all of your options. You’ll be able to answer “where can I sell my vehicle fast?” and be on your way to having a better vehicle situation.

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