If your current vehicle is causing you problems it may seem like a good idea to fix it so you can keep driving it. But how much will that cost you in the long run? We all want to be responsible consumers and recycle when necessary. When something frequently needs repair, it’s often a signal from the Universe that it’s time to start over fresh. Here are a few good reasons why it may not be worth it to fix your car and a solution that may work better.

Spending Too Much Time and Money On It

If you find yourself replacing parts monthly or it seems like something is always breaking, then your vehicle may have become a money pit. A money pit is something that keeps growing and growing. You keep throwing money at it but it never gets any better. If you find yourself searching for “sell my junk car Houston” or see ads saying “vehicles wanted for cash” then you are probably thinking it’s time to let it go to the junkyard to die.

Parts May Not Be Available

Depending on the age of your vehicle and how long you’ve had it, the parts you need may not be available due to scarcity or just no longer being made (discontinued). If the parts are available they may be quite expensive, especially if they have to be ordered. In the case of parts that are not made anymore your choices are limited. You can sometimes find rare or discontinued parts on Craigslist or eBay if you can find a car collector or someone who owns a junkyard.

Repair Costs Outweigh the Value of the Vehicle

If your car has major issues like transmission problems, knocking sounds in the engine or other key indicators that the repair will probably cost more than the car is worth, then it’s most likely a good idea to find one of those “vehicles wanted for cash” ads and offload it a.s.a.p. Unless the car has great sentimental value to you why sink your life savings into it? Unless the car is vintage or a classic, why not just trade it in for something that runs?

If your favorite uncle Ted used to drive you to the ballpark it’s understandable why you might want to hang on to it. But in all practicality, you’re paddling a sinking ship and need to find a lifeboat.

Up until now, you’ve been throwing money at the problem hoping it will go away. It’s time for a newer, better vehicle that doesn’t need fixing. Get on your computer and look up “sell my junk car Houston” or “vehicles wanted for cash” or whatever terms you can think of to find people buying cars online.

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