It’s never a good sign when your SUV breaks down. If it’s beyond repair, you’ll be looking to get a new vehicle and make the most of the old one. Let’s take a look at how to sell SUV for parts.

1. Disassembly

Disassembly is the most important part of selling your vehicle. If this isn’t done with care, your SUV really will be useless and worthless. Carefully disassemble the junk SUV, labeling each part and placing it nearly in your garage. Nothing is worse than a heap of parts with no rhyme or reason.

If you want to go above and beyond, clean each part before setting it aside. Not only will this improve the part’s performance, but it will make potential buyers more interested in what you have to offer. Disassembly should be done methodically from the front to the rear of the SUV. Doing these steps out of order can lead to an unbalanced vehicle, one that could face-plant into the side of your home in the worst-case scenario.

2. Find a market

You’ll need to find a market to sell your junk SUV. In this day and age, this is often done online on a website for car parts. However, you can even do it on a generic selling site such as Amazon or eBay. Create a listing, provide your contact information, and let the messages roll with interested buyers. If you prefer a more traditional route, find a local car dealership and see what they can do with your SUV parts.

No matter where you decide to sell your junk, make sure you have clear standards and prices that you are looking for. It doesn’t help anyone to enter the market with a bunch of parts and no clear goal in mind. A company such as I Buy Vehicles is a good place to start if you’re not experienced with SUVs.

3. Provide your vehicle’s history

As good as your junk may be, nobody will want to buy it if they don’t know anything about your vehicle. Make sure to document the model, manufacturer, and date of purchase. Additional info such as its mileage and history of repairs never hurts either. You’ll find that it’s so much easier to sell SUV for parts when people know you’re a trustworthy source. If you’re making deals online, verify your seller info with your vehicle registration card, and it’s just like selling in person.

A broken vehicle is anything but a worthless one. Bring out your inner salesman and sell your SUV for junk. You’ll get the best of both worlds – a full wallet and a brand new vehicle to enjoy.

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