The odds are in your favor, and you are just about to get an up to the minute car. Now, what will happen to your old jalopy? Should it just lie there in your garage and accumulate dust? Not. Rather than junk a car, you could sell cars for parts and make some notes out of it. Some of the pieces in your clunker are a gold mine.

Let’s delve into the top five expensive car parts you could sell.

Transmission System

No car will move without a gear system. Manual transmission systems for standard sedans are estimated at $1500-$3000 and automatic ones at $2000-$4000. If your car is not quite worn, you could fetch close to half of the market price on the transmission system.

The gear system is responsible for transmitting the engine power across the wheels. You could either vend the complete system or disintegrate the metal parts. The aluminum and brass metals cost a fortune.


You’re a sports enthusiast, and your car is turbocharged. The turbocharger, if in good condition, can fetch you some good money. Turbochargers provide more torque power to the engine and conserve the fuel intake.
A new turbocharger costs $400-$2800. Normalize using high-quality viscous engine oils to maintain your turbo in mint condition.

ECU- Engine Control Unit

Technology has proven to be a game-changer in the automobile industry. The EC U controls automatic cars. The ECU comprises a computer that runs and manages the entire electronic system in your vehicle. i.e., ignition, power steering/windows, idling, etc.

A bugged ECU yields to the crumbling of almost all the vehicle’s functions. At the markets, a new ECU goes for $600-$1500 with a service fee of up to $1000 by your mechanic.


A battery? Really? Yes! A battery can make you some killing. A new hybrid battery goes for $1200-$1600. When you junk a car, think about the battery before giving up on it. If in mint condition, you could sell it close to 40% of the market price


You can get some profit from clean and undeployed airbags. Brand new airbags cost up to $2500, and the silent majority of owners tend to go for the old unused ones. Modern cars have multiple airbags. Be smart enough and dispose of your jalopy’s airbags at about $400.

Important to note, engage a mechanic to assist you in detaching the airbags. They are lethal and explosive if you handle them precariously.

Sell To I Buy Vehicles

There are numerous parts in your car that you can sell and get value out of your hooptie. Consider engaging a junk company to sell cars for parts for a painless experience. Why be penurious, yet you have a clunker out there in your yard?

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