Are you one of those drivers that cruise around in snow tires in mid-July? We buy vehicles for cash and we see it all the time. You may take fantastic care of your vehicle, but many times we all forget important transitional maintenance between seasons.

That is why we listed here a few items that you should look at and chores that you should keep on top of during the warmer months. Here are a few examples:

1. Battery Testing

Unlike most of us out and about on vacay during the dog days of summer, batteries tend to work harder in higher temperatures. That is why you should have yours checked before you find yourself unable to start your car. Most auto shops are likely to do this for free.

2. Air Conditioning Checking

Riding in a car around here without air conditioning is like booking an appointment at mobile sauna out of your worst nightmare. That is why you must test your system before taking a long road trip, or just before it becomes too hot and humid outside.

If you feel the cooling unit is underperforming, it can be an easy fix, such as changing the filter or adding refrigerant.

If the problem is more serious, take the vehicle to a mechanic to get the system back on track. Many garages offer specials in the late spring on air conditioning repairs.

3. Waxing Frequently

Washing your car is certainly important, but waxing it often is just as necessary for protecting its paint job from fading or blistering under the strong UV rays of the sun. Plus, a shiny ride just looks cool cruising through town on a Sunday afternoon!

4. Tire Pressure

When temperatures rise, tire pressure can change quickly. These changes can cause a dip in your car’s fuel efficiency, and unevenly wear each tire out.

The best way to prevent these problems is to check your tire pressure with a gauge often and to rotate your tires. And, no, that doesn’t mean turning your wheels 360 degrees to drive to the beach!

5. Keep up with Oil Changes

High-powered summer driving back and forth on day trips and to tourist destinations means checking and changing your oil much more often.

You should also keep some spare oil in your trunk in case of emergencies. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the desert with an overheated engine and an overheated family.

6. Radiator Temperature Monitoring

You know how much you want a cool beer to quench your thirst on a humid day? Well, so does your car. If you are going to drive throughout the summer months, coolant is essential.

To be sure you have an adequate supply, keep some extra coolant in your trunk and an eye on dashboard temperature gauge.

7. Simply Sell your Vehicle

Who needs the headache of owning your own ride when you could use ride-sharing apps or cabs? Let someone else worry about car maintenance. There are even places to get cash for your car Houston customers trust.

Or, if you are the adventurous type, you may even consider walking or biking around town. It certainly is warm enough. We buy vehicles for cash from people who are sick of car maintenance costs. If you want cash for your car Houston families know they can always call us.

Getting your vehicle ready for summer is crucial if you want to ride in it comfortably in the area’s heat and humidity. That’s why you should start prepping your car today.

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