Hybrid cars have increased in popularity in recent times, thanks to their lower price than diesel cars. If you’re contemplating how to sell a car in Houston, you’re in the right place.

How to Sell a Car in Houston

1. Preparing the Car

One pre-requisite when you want to sell a hybrid car like a Prius is cleaning it. Make the car as attractive as possible. You already know that every vehicle in a car dealership is usually spotless regardless of the year of manufacture.

Also, fix any significant damages that might raise eyebrows while selling the car (unless you are selling it for junk). Replace burnt-out fuses and even top off all the liquids like oil and brake fluid to recommended levels.

2. Determining the Car Price

The hardest part of selling a car in Houston, Texas is the price. The easy way to price your car is by visiting any car dealership around Houston. Most car dealerships will have an offer for your car. Write the proposals down and compare them.

Use this calculator on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles website to find your hybrid car’s presumptive value. Also, search online listings and see how similar cars have been priced.

3. Organize the Paperwork

To make your car ready for sale, have all the paperwork in order. Don’t let the term paperwork scare you; you only need a few crucial pieces of paper to sell a car in Houston. One important document is a title. Consider getting a vehicle history report, which will help assure the potential buyer of the cars’ reliability.

4. Selling the car

You can sell your car online by listing it via a directory or by visiting a car dealership. The latter is the easiest way. It takes away the hassle and headache of selling a car. To sell hybrid cars in Houston, visit any dealerships like I Buy Vehicles to shop around for the best price. If you want to sell the car personally, search for used-car listings directories and list your hybrid car.

Leave the correct contact information, snap the car’s best pictures, and highlight the car’s major selling points plus the price. After placing an ad, check-in, and reply to potential buyers as fast as possible. When you agree to meet up with a potential buyer, choose a public place. And before a test drive, capture the buyer’s name and address plus driver’s license number before handing the keys over.

Then agree on the price and choose your preferred form of payment; cash is better. If it’s a check, confirm the authenticity first with the buyer’s bank before sealing the deal. In Houston, you can kick start the ownership transfer process by filling the “Title Assignment” form then notify the Texas DMV of the sale.


The process of selling a car in Houston can be complicated. But once you get the hang of it using the steps above, you’re good to go.

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