Did you know you can sell your car as junk? According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, junk vehicles have been deemed unsafe to drive on Texas roads. They can only be sold for parts or scrap metal. If you are selling a junk car in Texas, make sure you do these things first.

1. Locate your vehicle’s title

Scrap and salvage lots are required by Texas law to obtain the vehicle’s title before buying it, so make sure that you have the title before attempting to sell it or contact us for more options.

2. Find out what your junk car is worth

Selling your junk car isn’t likely to make you rich, but the working components of your vehicle may be valuable. Do your homework and take a look at listings for your car parts on online marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist. If you know what your vehicle is worth, calling junkyards for pricing will be much easier.

3. Get offers from local scrap yards

Find a list of junkyards in your area and make some calls. Before you call, make a detailed list of the damages to the car, and take pictures if possible. Most salvage lots are happy to give you an estimate over the phone if you tell them about the damages. Some scrap lots even have online forms where you can upload pictures of the vehicle and get an estimate emailed to you. Make sure you have several estimates before making your decision.

4. Ask about towing fees

Some scrap yards will charge a towing fee to tow the vehicle from your location to their lot. If there is a fee, ask how much they charge and factor that cost into your choice of a junkyard. If you have a way of getting your vehicle to their lot without towing, ask them if you can waive the fee by bringing the junk car to them. Most scrap yards will be happy to fulfill your request.

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