Have you ever been in a car wreck and couldn’t get your car out of the garage because you didn’t have a title? Ever gone to sell your old beat-up car and been surprised when the buyer wants to see your registration from 5 years ago before buying it? It’s never a good idea to give up on a deal because the paperwork was lost in a messy move. I Buy Vehicles is a company that provides a no-nonsense, no-wait service that helps you sell your old vehicle for cash.

Get an Offer on your Auto Quickly

We know that you don’t want to sit around waiting for all of your paperwork to be 100% correct before making an offer. We know that you’ve worked hard on your old beater, and it’s not fair for some other evil person or company to take advantage of you. Our no-nonsense approach is designed with the customer’s needs first. We’ll help you get the most cash possible for your used vehicle. Our service is straightforward, and it works quickly. You can junk a car with no title in Texas and find out how to quickly get an offer on your car.

Schedule a Pick Up

We work quickly, and we want to meet with you as soon as possible. You can schedule a pickup, or we can point you towards any local car wreckers who will buy your car. We do our best to help everyone, no matter where they’re located. When you call us, we’ll help you get a cash offer on your vehicle. We can arrange a time to pick it up. All you need to do is tell us what model and year your junk car is. We’ll help you with the rest.

Get Paid Fast

Once we have the vehicle, we’ll help you get paid quickly. You can expect to get paid in a few days or less depending on how many offers you receive and whether or not we can arrange a cash offer with the buyer. We have made it very easy to get paid for your junk car. No more waiting around for someone else to fix all of the issues with your vehicle. We will buy it, no matter what condition it is in.


We work quickly, and we make some of the highest offers for junk cars with no title in Texas. If you want to get the most cash value for your old vehicle, give us a call. Our service is confidential, and we can help you sell your car or truck quickly instead of waiting around for someone else to come along and take advantage of you.