Do you have a junk car that you don’t use, and you’re thinking of selling it? We buy old cars in Houston, where we offer our customers the best quotes that match their vehicle’s status.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an SUV or a fast car. We buy all vehicles and in any condition. However, we follow federal and Texas-State law when it comes to purchasing your old vehicle.

Keeps Vehicle Insurance Until You Sell It

Insurance is essential to any person unless you’re not driving the car. Texas law and regulations instruct a citizen to have valid insurance for the vehicle. You may decide not to renew insurance once you have sold the car. After you have signed transfer papers, it’s upon the buyer to take full responsibility for any incident resulting from the car.

Submission of Vehicle Transfer Notification { VTR-346}

In the Houston area, Texas requires any seller to submit these VTR-346 within one month before selling. The VTR-346 will help you be cleared from any criminal activities associated with the car as a seller.

Once the State grants the Vehicle Transfer Notification (Texas Department of Motor Vehicles), it clears you from all liability from the vehicle’s past activities. After there you can go ahead and make a deal with your buyer.

The State of Texas requires both buyers and sellers to keep the agreement and receipts for a maximum of two years. The purpose of the documents is to ensure that both parties are free from manipulation if anything associated with the vehicle arises. The manuscript should consist of the exact date the car was sold and the transaction papers.

Removal of License Plates

The State requires you to remove the registration sticker and the previous license plates of your vehicle. This practice aims to ensure that the car is legally registered and has a new owner.

Why you should choose us as your old car buyer

• We give an honest and fair quote on all vehicles.
• We pay immediately after evaluation or pick up.
• We Carry Out The Whole Process With Courtesy, Respect, And Professionalism

In the Houston area, we buy old cars in Houston, and we are the best choice when it comes to buying your old vehicle. We ensure that you follow the laws and regulations that the State needs. We guide you in every part of the process while providing a fair price that aligns with your vehicle’s condition.