Cars are obviously damaged in auto accidents. Their motors and transmissions sustain damage when maintenance isn’t carried out in a timely manner. Natural disasters like floods are pure murder on the motor, transmission, and electrical systems.

So, you have a car with a blown motor and/or transmission littering the driveway. The law says you have to disclose anything that doesn’t work to a buyer. Your state’s lemon laws might be even more strict. What can you do? Here are the four steps to follow to sell a car with a bad motor.

Step 1. Dealing With The Insurance Company

When the insurance company totals your car, ask for retention of the vehicle. All the insurance company will do when they tow it off is sell it for scrap. Why let the insurance company get that money when you can get it yourself? There are plenty of junkyards that will sell your car for parts, so cash out your car yourself. You’ll get more that way than if you sell it for scrap.

Step 2. Describe The Vehicle Fully

Ads placed in print media and online need to be painfully honest. List every faulty thing about the motor and transmission first. There are people who buy totaled cars for parts or to restore the cars, but they need to know everything.

Step 3. Figure The Price

Since the price for repairing a blown motor or transmission could be more than the car is worth, then that price is what buyers need to know. If you’re going to sell a car with a bad motor, then potential buyers should also know the worth of a bad transmission.

Step 4. Seek Out Junkyards

Houston area I Buy Vehicles buys cars in any condition for those in just your situation. We will come to you, offer you a fair price, and take that junk car off your hands. You’ll save money on all kinds of things like storage fees, repairs, sell cars with bad motor ads, as well as emissions testing the car, to name just a few.


There are many ways in which a car can have its motor and/or transmission damaged. Having a junk car taking up space in the driveway can cause homeowner associations to come down on you for not having a neat and tidy driveway. Getting rid of junk cars is therefore of paramount importance.

You should know that even if the car doesn’t run anymore, it still has value. Parts are often in short supply. Scrap metal is highly prized for recycling into other items. You hold the winning card, so call I Buy Vehicles in the Houston area. You’ll get the best price for your car as well as peace of mind.