There are some great reasons to hold onto a junk truck rather than purchasing a newer model. Whether you have to spend the money on something more important or simply want to add to your savings account, there’s nothing wrong with repping that older truck proudly. However, there comes a time when every proud truck owner has to come face-to-face with reality and decide when its time to upgrade their truck.

1. It’s too old to run properly.

Everyone’s been guilty of running a piece of equipment well past its normal life span. Some people are motivated to do this with vehicles because of their overall value and cost. If you’re driving around in a junk truck with pieces falling off every third or fourth block, there’s a good chance it’s time to get something new. When a truck can’t run properly, you’re essentially wasting your time by holding onto it.

2. It costs more money to repair than it’s worth.

Another good sign that your truck needs to be replaced is when the cost of repairs far exceeds the value of the vehicle itself. In other words, if you’ve spent almost a grand in repairs to the engine when the truck is only worth a few hundred, then there’s a real problem. Either you’ve got an unhealthy attachment to the truck or your math is a little off. Consider your truck totaled or junk if the cost of repair is more than it’s worth.

3. It doesn’t fulfill your needs.

Money doesn’t have to be the only reason you buy another truck. Whether you’re using the vehicle for work or a hobby, you need to make sure it’s fulfilling your needs. After all, trucks aren’t designed to be scrubbed to a shine every day with a luffa. They’re designed for hard work, fun, and downright good times. In other words, they’re meant to be used. If you’ve found that your current ride just isn’t cutting it, start looking around for a new one.

4. You can get cash for your ride.

One of the main reasons people hold on to their old trucks is because they don’t think they can get anything for them. There’s a general misunderstanding that old vehicles aren’t worth a dime. In reality, there are places willing to buy trucks for cash. This is the perfect way for you to get rid of your truck while still getting value for it. The money you earn can easily be put towards the downpayment on your newer, cooler truck.

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