Should I Sell My Car in the Houston Winter?

Three Cars on Wet Road

If you’re asking yourself, “Should I sell my car in Houston, Texas, during the winter?”, the answer is YES! In fact, winter is an excellent time to sell your vehicle, since sell for cash companies, car lots and private sellers have an audience that is frustrated with public transportation and ready to purchase a warm, dry ride. Most importantly, buyers want to ensure the car is winter ready and it will safely get them from point A to point B.

Here’s a quick check list:

Get the oil changed.

Take the car it for an oil change and let them know you want winter appropriate oil. Don’t go for the most expensive but don’t be stingy. Oil thickens when it gets cold, which can interfere with its lubrication property. Check the owner’s manual for specifics about the appropriate oil to use in different seasons, temperatures and climates.

Check visibility.

Be sure the windshield wiper blades haven’t cracked in the summer heat. Usually, they are good for one year. Just as important is the following step – top off your windshield washer reservoir with windshield washer fluid. Remember, because of the cold, tap water will freeze. While you’re at it, check the defroster. You may what to give the dashboard a good dusting.

Test your battery charge.

This is an ideal time of year to make sure your car battery. Are the battery posts and connections corrosion-free? Does it have enough water to operate properly? You probably want a certified car repair shop to test the battery if it’s more than three years old. You don’t want to anyone to get stuck in a storm with a dead car.

Check your tires.

Tire pressure and traction are an essential safety component while driving in winter weather. Rotating the tires, checking the pressure and looking at the tread before saying, “It’s time to sell my car!”, is going to up the value. Don’t forget: tire pressure drops when the weather gets cold, but over filling is also a no-no. The car’s owner manual, or your local tire shop, will help you out.

Get a checkup.

Take your car in for a once over. Hopefully you have a mechanic you can trust. If you haven’t worked with the mechanic long, you may want to get more than one opinion. Letting them know that you’re selling the vehicle is probably a good idea as well.

If you’re thinking, “I’m going to sell my car in Houston, Texas, tomorrow!”, that’s fine, but you may want to consider the points on this checklist first.


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