Cars get old or run down after a while, and whenever this happens, it becomes difficult to get value for your car. However, there are many ways to sell broken cars, most of which will still earn you cash. As you determine how to sell a car that needs work, your financial position and its condition are the sterling variables.

How to sell a car that needs work

1. Sell online or to a car dealership

Some dealerships will go for one piece while others sell in parts. Either way, you need to check the car’s value online, have your books in order, do basic maintenance and clean it. Then place an online advertisement if you want to sell privately.

If you sell broken cars to a dealership, it’s advisable to consider old dealers. They have hidden benefits, and most give you more than your car’s worth. However, dealerships operate with tax benefits which may not work to your advantage if your car is highly beaten up.

2. Dismantle and sell parts or as scrap

There is a large market for used parts of popular models. People always look for window motors, engines, power door lock actuators, radios, tires, rims, and windshields. You can make a list of the parts you want to sell and list them online or with various dealerships.

You can also sell broken cars to a local junkyard. Most of these have scrap removal services and are not as picky. What you will be paid is heavily determined by the junkyard’s size, and less consideration is put on the characteristics of your car.

3. Sell to a Junk Removal Service

The other answer to how to sell a car that needs work is to dispose of it at a price. Your next best move is to contact a junk removal service provider. Call a few, cross-check their rates, and stick with one. The rates go lower when your car is so old and battered. They will also pay you Cash for cars on the spot!

4. Donate to Charity

Several charities have programs specifically designed to revamp old junk cars or resell them to recyclers. These programs have operational tax receipts that give you an outstanding benefit later on as your generosity serves its purpose. Some charities using this model are Make-A-Wish car donation, Cars for US Troops, and Kars4Kids car donation.

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