If you haven’t sold a car before, you might have questions about how to make money off your old vehicle. After all, it’s probably not something you’ll often do, and nobody wants to lose out on money unnecessarily.

Sell online or to a car dealership
Selling an old car online or to a car dealership is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your old car. While selling your used car to a dealership is likely to take less time than selling it yourself. Selling your car online will most likely get you a better price because some car dealerships can Buy Vehicles in any condition.

Dismantle and sell parts or as scrap
Sellers can make a lot of money selling parts or even selling their old cars as scrap metal. If your car still runs but isn’t worth repairing, you can make money by selling it for scrap parts or even as a functioning whole. Depending on the engine’s condition and other internal parts, you might be able to sell them directly to a buyer.

Sell to a Junk Removal Service
If you want to get money for your old car but don’t want to go through the hassle of selling the vehicle/parts to a client, you can donate it to a junk removal service. This lets you sell directly to them and get free vehicle removal. The vehicle does not need to run for this, but it will be towed off your property for free.

You’re not going to get much cash out of a junk removal service, but you can make some of your money back, avoid paying to tow the car, and you won’t have to worry about who exactly you are selling it to either.

Consider Hiring an Auto Broker To Sell the Used Car
You can hire an auto broker to sell your old car for you in the Houston area. Auto brokers are a great alternative to traditional car dealerships when buying or selling a used car. They can help you find the best price for your vehicle and make the process of selling your car much more effortless.

How to make money off your old vehicle is one of the most common questions people ask themselves when they are about to sell their old cars. It depends on two factors.

If you still have a lot of time left on your registration, you can sell it as is or with some work done. You could also trade in your old car for its total value as long as it’s still in good condition during tax season. If your registration has expired, you will need to get an inspection and do some repairs before trying to sell it again.

If you’re not able to sell your car, the best option is to turn it into a salvage vehicle. This will allow you to sell it again and get some money out of the deal. You’ll need an inspection first so that there are no problems with registration, after which you can take care of whatever repairs are necessary before resale.