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Does the vehicle to the right look like junk to you? To some yes, to others, no. It actually happens to be a very expensive classic car. Can you guess what vehicle it is? (answer below) Our perception of vehicles vary from one individual to another. When it comes to cars, the old saying – “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – couldn’t ring more true. Depending on your age, a 1978 280z may be special because it happens to be the last year of that particular body style. A younger person may think differently because they have no connection with that vehicle like someone from a different generation would.

At i Buy Vehicles, we see hundreds of vehicles weekly. There are times when newer cars can be in worse shape than older cars. It all depends on how the owner took care of their vehicle. We buy and sell all types of vehicles, and you might be surprised just how many vehicles we buy that are not junk! So next time you have a car you’re looking to get rid of, consider talking to us first before you rush to trade it in at the dealership or go through the hassle of selling it on your own.

(Answer) The above vehicle is an original 1937 Ford Model 812 Supercharged Beverly 4-door sedan.

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Sold for US$ 42,000 (Non Restored)

Sold for US$ 87,750 (Restored)

Here are some recent vehicles we have purchased. Please inquire about what vehicles we have for sale, or trade in your old vehicle for a newer one.

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