Selling a car without a title can be difficult. But there are a few proven tips to make money from a vehicle without a title.

Make Money from Your Vehicle without a Title

When you have a car without a title, selling it could raise many questions you cannot handle. But there are several logical explanations: the title is damaged, stolen, or lost; someone abandoned the vehicle on your property; and much more. However, there are still several ways to make money from your no-title car without having to explain anything to anyone.
1. Sell Valuable Parts

Several vehicle dealers specializing in second-hand vehicle parts and accessories are ready to give fantastic offers on your car’s valuable parts and accessories. A little bit of online research will make you find a reliable buyer looking to buy functional car parts at a reasonable price.

If you’re in Houston, ensure your online search for buyers is about prospects in that area. For instance, Google “selling the vehicle/parts to I Buy Vehicles in any condition in the Houston area,” and several options will pop up on your screen to explore.

You can also pick some parts from your car, which you believe are worth your effort and time, and clean them to post online for sale.

2. Sell the Car in a Junk Yard

Selling to a junk car service may be an appropriate way to dispose of and make some cash from your vehicle without a title. If you want to get several junk car services to explore, search online “i want to sell my junk car without a title,” and several companies willing to negotiate a price for your vehicle will show up. Despite what state they are in, several junk car companies buy vehicles and sell them for scrap metals and parts.

3. Sell Tires

If your car tires are in perfect condition, there are several local classified sites you can list for sale. Many drivers are looking for used tires to buy, provided they are still in a decent state or usable. But a few tricks need to be done to make the tires appealing to potential buyers. For instance, you can clean the tires and take clear photos of them for you to post online. That’s a great way to make them appear much more appealing or look better to potential buyers.

4. Recycle It

Maybe your vehicle with no title is a clunker or is old enough to consider road unworthy. Instead of selling to one of the scrap yards in your area, you can choose to go green by recycling it. Several programs are out there to ensure your old car with no title is quickly disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Following this route will allow you to get some money from your old car with no title.

Don’t let your vehicle with no title adorn your parking lot for too long. Explore the tips above or other reliable ones to make some cash from your no-title car.