Sometimes, people misplace their titles. You aren’t the only one with a lost title car and want to sell the vehicle. Your car is probably just collecting dust and taking up space. Well, if you’ve been wondering how to sell a car without a title, you’re going to find out here.

Finding Proof

You may think it’s impossible to sell a car without a title in Houston or any other city. Well, you can do this, and it starts with finding some type of proof of ownership.

To do this, you’ll need your driver’s license. Make sure it’s still valid. You want your insurance card and vehicle registration. All of these documents could be used to prove that this is indeed your car and that you can sell it to someone else. I Buy Vehicles, for example, may be able to buy your car.

Getting Car Information

The next thing you’re going to be doing is gathering up all the information you can about your car. This includes everything, like the make, model, and year your vehicle was built. You also want to jot down how many miles you’ve driven your car. Those who have a non-working car will need to provide that information to the car-buying company.

Write down any additional information about the vehicle; write down things you’d want to know about a used vehicle you were trying to buy. For example, if you know the door handle on the passenger side isn’t working, then be sure you disclose that. If you were wondering if you can sell a car that isn’t working, now you know it’s possible.

Making Contact

After you’ve gathered all that information, you can move on to calling the buyer. You need to talk to a company that can work with you even if you’re trying to sell your vehicle with a lost title car. Most regular folks don’t want to work with you, and some companies can make things hard for you.

Selling a car without a title can be a bit of a hassle, so it’s understandable why many people avoid it, but the right company will help. Your vehicle still holds value, and that value should be honored somehow. It’s important to find out how much your car is worth. Go online and figure that out before you talk to someone.

Try to be honest when figuring out how much your car is worth. If it’s junk, then expect to get a little something for it nothing more. As you can see, you can sell your vehicle even if you don’t have a title. You just have to know how to go about doing this.            

Sell your vehicle to I Buy Vehicles in any condition, anywhere in the Houston area, with or without a title!