When calling around to get the most cash for your junk car, you need to know which ones will net you the most cash.

“Just because your vehicle is newer does not always mean more money”

A few things are factored in, weight, size, brand and condition. The weight of the vehicle is important so SUV’s and trucks should always bring you a good profit no matter how old it is. The following is a list of vehicles that will always net your the most cash…

  1. Toyota Camry, Corolla
  2. Honda Accord, Civic
  3. Ford Expedition, Explorer, Mustang
  4. Chevy Suburban, Tahoe

Some vehicles last longer then others and believe me, junk yards know which parts net them the most profit. They are eager to get their hands on vehicles that make them the most money and will pay more! Its important to call around getting quotes. Houston has hundreds of Junk Yards that are not even listed on google maps, they usually get their cars from Tow Truck drivers, auctions or referral sites that make a good profit for referring them Junk Vehicles.

We have a baseline quote system for checking the current value or your junk vehicle below

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Thanks for reading and good luck!