Wheeling and Dealing to Sell My Truck in Houston

2012_TundraTexans love their trucks. Along with oil, longhorns, football, and guns, Texas likes to go big on pickup trucks. It’s the state for the most pickup truck sales, topping combined sales in the next three states–California, Oklahoma, and Florida–and claiming one out of six pickups sold in the United States. A number of truck manufacturers even produce special Texas editions. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, nearly one-fifth of registered passenger vehicles are pickup trucks. With a seller’s market like that, here’s how I can sell my truck in the Houston area.

Capitalize on a Seller’s Market

As the largest city in the state that loves trucks, Houston is definitely a seller’s market for truck owners. From the moment you say, “Honey, how about I sell my truck?,” you should be listing it on Craigslist. For selling vehicles, Craigslist still leads the online pack, and to boot, lets you list for free. Secure the title (or a release from the bank to sell your truck) and prepare a repairs and maintenance report and a Bill of Sale.

When you land a lucky buyer, require payment in cash. Yes, this is important. You don’t want to be left standing with a bad check for a $20,000 sale. Meet at either the buyer’s bank or your bank to complete the transaction safely.

Drive Through Rural Areas with a For Sale Sign

Nearly half of privately-owned vehicles in the Texas outback are pickup trucks. According to the hardy folks of Texas rural areas, trucks are bought for function rather than fashion and assist with navigating ranches, cattle pastures, gravel roads, and hauling stuff. As one Texan explains, “It can go anywhere and nobody worries if it is dirty. It can carry almost anything you need to get the job done and it can serve as a gathering spot after a hard day.”

Some regions–particularly rural areas–specialize in agricultural and construction industries, which makes a muscle truck an easy sell. Perch a for sale sign on your truck and take a day trip through ranch country. Stop for a Texas-made Dr. Pepper in every town and ask about putting up a handbill advertising your vehicle. You just might land yourself an offer.

Call Up a Cash for Cars Company

If you just ain’t got the time, or if your efforts on Craigslist or the Texas outback have proven useless, you can always call up a local cash for cars company. They do trucks, too, and they can offer you up to $30,000 on the spot. Not bad at all.

Texas, the big, friendly state, is definitely a successful market for truck sellers. Selling my truck in Houston should be as normal as a Texan barbecue.