Should I Sell My Used Car in Houston?

1968 Kovacs Car with Suited Man Standing Beside It

If the sentence running through your head starts with ‘should I sell my used Houston car”, there’s probably many things you’re taking into consideration. Here, we’ll answer some of your most commonly asked questions.

Should I sell my used car if it has more than 150,000 miles?

That’s quite a few miles, but what really matters is the quality of the car and how well it’s running. Various makes and models run very well, even after 150,000 miles. Did you get the oil changed regularly? Has the vehicle been in an accident? When was the last time the car had a tune up? Just like anything else, regular upkeep ensures the car lasts long into the 100s.

Should I sell my used car if the body is damaged?

Scratches and imperfections are expected on a used car, but big dents and heavy paint chipping can bring down the curb appeal. Additionally, auto body work is expensive, but a dinged up exterior doesn’t mean that the insides aren’t of value. Sometimes selling a used car in parts will give you a better ROI.

Should I sell my used car if there’s a crack in the windshield?

You CAN sell your used car with a crack in the windshield, the question is, should you? If the crack is quite small – just a chip – sealing it up is a good idea. If the crack extends farther than an a few inches, you may want to see how much replacing the windshield will cost. Does your insurance cover it? What’s your co-pay? Again, keep your ROI in mind.

Should I sell my used car if it’s not running?

This is where cash for car lots come in VERY handy. Many of them are more than happy to pick up a car that’s not running as long as there is value in the parts, or it just requires a quick fix.

Should I sell my used car if it’s more than 10 years old?

See the first question up above. Condition is everything. A ten-year-old car can still be in great condition, depending on the upkeep.

Should I sell my used car to a buy for cash lot?

If you’re looking to get cash for your used car, a buy for cash lot can be a great way to go! Give your local cash for cars service a call for a quote. If you are looking to trade your used car in, you may want to talk to a dealership.

We hope we’ve answered many of your “should I sell my used car in Houston” questions!


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