Sell My Used Car Dallas, Tx

Avalon - i Buy Vehicles in Houston, TX“I need to sell my used car in Dallas.” If you’re in this position, I Buy Vehicles knows how to help. Your used car can bring you some much-needed cash. With our program, your selling process will be convenient, profitable, and hassle-free. It doesn’t get much better than that.

What We Take
We take cars of every shape, color, and size. We make no bones about the year, make, model, or mileage of your car–every car that is running is eligible for our cash-for-car program. We’ll even take cars with salvage or missing titles. The only condition that we’ll need to consider is a car with a lien. In those situations, we’ll need to determine whether we can purchase your car by paying off the loan.

What We Do
When it’s time to sell your car, you’re looking for a trusted buyer who’ll pay a good price. I Buy Vehicles takes pride in fulfilling both of those expectations while delivering a fast turnaround. After you tell us, “I’d like to sell my used car,” we come to your location within one or two business days. And we provide the towing for free. You can also get same-day service by bringing your car to us or requesting rush service for a fee. We’ll do our best to top the price that you would get a car dealership–up to 20% more and up to $30,000!

With I Buy Vehicles, selling your car is no longer a project that requires weeks of your time. From the moment you tell us, “I want to sell my used car in Dallas,” we take the stress off your shoulders and give you cash instead of headaches. Give us a call and ask for a quote. Our I-Buyers are trained and experienced at helping people just like you.

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