Sell My Running Car: 4 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Katy Car Running

3285710885_23c148cac8_oMore and more car owners are driving their cars to 300,000 miles and beyond. When Consumer Reports interviewed some of these high-mileage owners, they found out that staying on top of maintenance kept these cars running. If you’ve been eying a new car and scheming about how you can afford it, you may be thinking, “I eventually need to sell my running car in Katy. How can I make sure my old one keeps going until I’m ready to sell?”

Follow Your Car Manual

Your car manual is your friend. Every car is different and the people who made it have the best understanding of what makes it tick. The car dealer, the quick lube, and perhaps even your mechanic may try to sell you on their recommendations, but your car manual knows best. Perhaps it’s been languishing in some dusty corner of your glove box, long-ignored and unread. It’s time to dust it off.

Get Regular Oil Changes

This is like the bread and butter of car maintenance. Your car needs oil–and it needs clean oil for all those engine components to run smoothly. Without oil, your engine will grind to a shuttering halt and leave you standing with a very large repair bill or no car. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want several forgotten oil changes to affect my chance to sell my running car. Check your car manual for the recommended intervals for your car. Traditionally, the standard interval has been 3,000 miles or three months, but some newer cars are able to go longer.

Change the Filters

Your engine needs fresh air every so often. Dirt and grime can collect and clog up its airways and passageways and cause issues. Get your air filter and fuel filter changed as recommended by your car manual. An air filter, especially, is inexpensive and saves you from costly damage to your engine. A fuel filter keeps your fuel flowing and your car driving.

Flush the Fuels

If you’re like most people, you’ve been blissfully unaware that there are other fluids besides the oil that keep your car running. But there are several you need to know about–coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid. Each of these needs a flush at certain intervals to get rid of contaminants that build up over time. If you neglect these, you could run into some large repair bills.

With these tips, you can save more money for your new car. And one of these days, you’ll be saying, “I can sell my running car in Katy and get that new car I’ve been eying.” When that happens, call us. We’ll make sure you get a great price–the better the shape, the better the price you might get!