Best Reasons to Sell My Running Car in Houston

Small Pink Sporty Car for Sale Beside Highway

We meet people every day who decide “I want to sell my running car in Houston.” Their reasons vary, but these are some of our favorites.

I’ve just graduated from college and decided to sell my running car to pay for my adventure overseas.

It may sound crazy, but there’s no better time to go on adventures than when you’re in your early 20s. If you can get some money out of your car and you can live without a ride once you return to the states, we say GO FOR IT!

I bought my dream car and now I can get rid of my old ride.

Some people save for years to buy the car of their dreams, and they are smart enough to know that you can sometimes get more cash out of your running car than the trade in value a car dealership will give you. If you play your cards right and take good care of the vehicle, selling your running car for cash can be a great investment.

I’m moving and don’t need my car anymore.

Lots of big cities have excellent public transportation and having a vehicle can sometimes be an added, unnecessary expense. You’re not just making a car payment, you’re paying insurance, gas, maintenance and often times parking. Sure, having your own ride is nice, but not if it’s quicker to take the subway and a cab!

We are consolidating down to one vehicle right now.

Many couples and young families choose to reduce expenses by sharing one vehicle. If you have a reliable source of transportation and you don’t mind making arrangements, this can be a great way to save some money. You can also use the money you make from selling your vehicle to pay some bills or even take that vacation you’ve been saving up for.

This car has been sitting in our yard for months.

Some people collect stray dogs, others collect stray cars. If you have a running car that’s just hanging out in a junk pile in your yard, get rid of it – it’s ugly and you’re the only person who wants it. Your neighbors (and spouse) will thank you.

If you are thinking, “Should I sell my running car in Houston?” and any of the reasons listed above fit your story, the answer could be YES!


*I Buy Vehicles will buy your running vehicle from any year between 2002 to 2014. We will also consider vehicles that need minor repairs.