Get Cash for Your Houston Car (and 6 Other Ways To Make Quick Cash)

245Sometimes there are desperate situations that call for desperate measures. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen to you, but if it does, here are some quick (and legal) ways to turn some fast cash, starting with getting cash for your car in Houston.

Get Cash for Your Car

Did you know that the car sitting in your driveway could be a pot of gold? Cash for car programs offer up to $30,000 for a car. Regardless if your car is old or new, an obscure model or a common one, cash for car programs will quote you a price and give you cash on the spot. If the car is your main mode of transportation, make sure you figure out alternative ways to get around before you do this.

Babysit, Pet Sit, or House Sit

If you’re good with kids or pets, let your friends and neighbors know that you’re available. Check local ads in your newspaper and on Craigslist for gigs, or post your own ad.

Hold a Garage Sale

Comb through your house and gather all the items you haven’t used (or haven’t even seen) in a year. Advertise your sale generously on Craigslist and on Facebook and place signs at strategic spots to direct traffic to your house. One day can turn a profit of several hundred dollars.

Sell Stuff Online

With the Internet, there are a thousand ways to sell things. You can sell household items on eBay, furniture on Craigslist, books on Amazon or, photos on Shutterstock, and handmade arts and crafts on Etsy. You can even offer to sell other people’s stuff for them.

Get Cash for Clothes, Cell Phones, & More

You can trade in your old cell phone or electronic gadget at Best Buy, Target, or Walmart and get store credit in return. Or you can try trading it in on one of several websites–,,, or Take your clothes to a cash for clothes store in your area and score some store credit for some new threads.

Help Someone Move

If you don’t mind hard work, you could pick up some extra cash helping someone move. Just name your hourly rate and start flexing those muscles.

Do Yardwork

The young family or the elderly neighbor down the street may be relieved to have some extra help outside. Knock on a few doors and offer to cut lawns, pull weeds, rake leaves, shovel snow, or clean out gutters. You should be able to land several willing recipients in a short time.

The possibilities are endless, but back to the car. If you really do have an extra car sitting in your driveway or if you want to downsize your car loan, you’ll score the most cash through our cash for car program in Houston.