How High Can My Mileage Go Before I Have to Sell My Houston Vehicle?

Red Volvo P1800If your car is edging closer and closer to the 150,000 or 200,000 or maybe even the 250,000 mileage marker, you’re probably wondering, “How high is too high before I just need to sell my Houston vehicle?” The answer might surprise you.It’s Not About the Mileage

It’s Not About the Mileage

Not quite. Yes, high mileage indicates that you’ve driven your car a lot. But what kind of miles were they? Were they city miles with thousands of stop lights? Or were they highway miles with free sailing for miles on end? Highway miles put less strain on your car. But the stop and go of city driving takes a toll on the brakes, the engine, the transmission, and everything else. The people who are able to run vehicles up to 300,000 miles are likely driving a long commute every day.

It’s About the Maintenance

It turns out that keeping up with your car maintenance, especially as recommended by your manufacturer (remember that thick manual in your glove box?) is an excellent way to get some massive mileage out of your car. According to Consumer Reports, running your car past the 200,000 mile is no longer as unusual as it used to be. Irvin Gordon has put over 3,000,000 miles on his 1966 Volvo P1800S. That’s about the same as driving around the world 120 times or going to the moon and back six times. His secret? He read the car manual and diligently followed its recommendations. If the car made any strange noises or emitted any weird smells, he did something about it immediately. And he did a lot of preventative maintenance–things like flushing out all those fluids most of us never pay attention to (i.e. brake fluid and transmission fluid) and replacing belts and hoses before they wore out.

It’s Also About Your Driving Style

Keeping a light foot on the gas pedal, the brakes, and the clutch will help the longevity of your car. That’s why granny cars are often still in good shape in spite of their age. Irvin Gordon cites smooth driving as one of his secrets too. So do other car owners that have gotten their cars past 300,000 miles. Perhaps you need to ask yourself, “Do I want to sell my vehicle in drivable shape and make some nice cash? Or do I want to deal with trying to offload a car that has several blown parts or a mangled frame due to my reckless driving?”

So, how high can my mileage go before I have to sell my Houston vehicle? Apparently, it depends on where you drive, how well you keep it up, and how kindly you treat it while you’re driving. Irvin Gordon set the Guinness world record with his three-million-mile car. You may not beat his record, but you might beat the 300,000 mile mark.