Getting the Most Cash for Your Truck in Houston

441-usa-truck-suvVehicles are estimated to have about 10 years of useful life before they’re due to get carted off to a junkyard. If you’re nice to your truck or just plain lucky, your truck might last well beyond 10 years. Once your truck gets to the end of its useful life, however, the best way to get top dollar for it is by selling it via a Houston cash for truck program. Here are some tips for scoring the most cash.

Shine It Up

Even an old truck will look better with a glossy wax job. So, grab a bucket, cloth, and some car wash soap and wash off the backroad dirt that’s collected in the nooks and crannies of your truck. Then, gloss it up with a wax. Oh, and don’t forget to shine up the interior. No buyer wants to see clods of dirt from your last offroading escapade on the floor, or crusted coffee rings in the cupholders, or an inch of dust on the dash. Make it look like you really took good care of your truck. You’ll get more value that way.

Service It

Chances are, if you own a truck, you’re a bit of a handyman (or at least aspire to be). A little bit of time spent under the hood of your truck can score big. Change the oil if it’s due for an oil change or if the oil looks old. Check all the fluids–coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and even windshield washer fluid–and add or replace them if necessary. Make sure the tires are at the right pressure, too–take care of that wobble!

Make Minor Repairs

Evaluate the benefit of making small repairs. For instance, if your remote just needs a new battery, by all means, get the battery replaced. Little things like ratty mats, broken locks, exposed wires, loose running boards, or a small dent can influence the selling price of your truck. Fixing them could score you more cash.

Sell It–The How & Where

With all the scammers, and sometimes criminals, on Craigslist, selling your truck via a cash for truck program is the safest and easiest route. You’ll score a good deal and save yourself the hassle and headache of dealing with potential customers. As for location, Texas boasts more trucks per capita than the next three states combined. With a lucrative seller’s market like that, you just might get more for your truck in Texas. If you’re within a few hours drive of Texas, you may even want to cash in on the Texas market.

Getting a load of cash for your truck in Houston is probably easier than you think. Give us a call at I Buy All Vehicles. We’re great at giving you top dollar.