3 Ways to Get Cash for Your Houston Car Before You Sell It

Uber app is shown on smartphone as cars drive byNormally, you think of getting cash for your Houston car when you sell it, but did you know that you can now make money off your car while you still own it? That’s right. Check out these three nifty ideas for making some extra bucks with your set of wheels.


In recent years, the rideshare economy has blazed on the scene in cities nationwide. Ridesharing is a concept whereby the average person can sign up as a driver on a rideshare app and, voila, they can get paid to drive people around. Uber and Lyft are the most common of these rideshare apps. For a while, rideshares were illegal in Houston, but in August 2014, the city of Houston decided to legalize them. Now, you can make extra cash by becoming an ad-hoc taxi service in Houston.


This takes ridesharing to a new level. Here, you can park your car at the airport in a parking lot owned by FlightCar. FlightCar gives you free parking, a free car wash, and cash for your car when it gets rented out. While you’re off in Aruba enjoying your island getaway, your car is on duty. And if something happens to it, FlightCar replaces it at 110 percent of its private-party Kelley Blue Book value when you dropped it off, as well as covering you for up to $1 million. With all the high parking fees at airports, FlightCar could save you hundreds of dollars. One caveat–old cars don’t quality. Your car needs to be from the year 2002 or newer. FlightCar isn’t available in Houston yet, but perhaps it will be soon.


Your car can become a moving billboard. You can register your car on sites, such as MyFreeCar.com or adzinmotion.com, where you list your car to be “wrapped” with an advertisement. You’ll get to approve the graphics that will be placed on your car. The amount of money you make will depend on how much space you give to the ad, as well as how much time you’ll be driving your car every day. The graphics will be applied with materials that don’t harm the paint on your car. You will be expected to keep a clean, damage-free car and to sign a contract for the duration of the ad campaign.

Getting cash for your car while you still own it is a great way to pad your savings account for a new car. And when you’re ready to sell your car, don’t forget that you can make more fast cash by selling it to a Houston cash for car company like I Buy Vehicles.